I had a rather unusual experience some days back. However, at that time I wasn’t willing to admit it as unusual. Only after people convinced me to consider it weird, did I bring it to my blog.

Say, for the past three months, I was getting medicines for my mama from a couple of pharmacies in the town. My last choice was a distant store that I have visited only 3-4 times in the past but haven’t been there for a month prior to that incident.

I always have to purchase 12 or so medicines and they are never available in any single store. I went to one, they gave me 8 medicines; went to another, they gave me 3 more. Now, I just needed 1 medicine: Rovista-5.

I have never faced that boy, the salesman, in that distant store. I enter that store, he takes one look at me and goes:


and I’m like:

Uh Yeah. 7 tablets.

He smiles, brings back the medicine and I go:

I wish our doctors were as good.

Considering the fact that that boy must remember 2500-3500+ medicines to pick up from the shelves. It wasn’t a wild guess and I didn’t ask him how he guessed that. However, when I contemplate I see that he must have seen the pack of midicines I was holding. For that day, guys with this much pack must have asked for Rovista-5 only since it must be gone from the inventory of other stores…I can think of many reasons but I’m still dumbfounded.

About six months ago I had a similar accident. I needed to reclaim the warranty of a shoe. The warranty was for three months but I used the shoe for five months. I go into the store, ask for reclaim.

He asks for how long was that shoe used?

I don’t know may be 2-3 months.

He goes:

No, this shoe is used for atleast five months.

me again dumbfounded.

All, I’m trying to prove is that civilization in Lahore has gotten really intelligent in guessing. This is because there is rampant use of deception tactics among the public. So people need to guess accurately and precisely.

It is also a famous proverb in both Indo-Pak region that, He is not born who did not see Lahore. May be it is because guessing so intelligently is the coming of age criterion for men.

This reminds me of a nation that Gabriel, the angel, had to destroy. [The story is either covered in the Qura’n or Hadith]. Gabriel asks God, why do I have to destroy that nation considering they are so intelligent. God says, find that out yourself. Gabriel goes down and takes up a conversation with a shephard, an illiterate person among them. He asks him

Where is Gabriel?

The shephard swings his staff around and replies:

I see him neither in East nor West, South or North. Neither above the ground nor below it. It must be either me or you.

I rest my case.


…the failure story of Paki IT industry…

schahzad: oye
schahzad: wehshe!
schahzad: gal karni aye!
u990124: AA
u990124: gimme gin kay 25 seconds
u990124: brb
u990124: haan jee ?
schahzad: do u know the story of
schahzad: Cressoft
schahzad: and
schahzad: VROOOM
schahzad: ?
u990124: nopes
u990124: koi latest news hai ?
schahzad: no
schahzad: but do u care to know?
u990124: sure go ahead 🙂
schahzad: first tell me
schahzad: y do u care to know?
u990124: ainwain heee 😀
u990124: VROOM main to apna O S job karta raha hai shayad … Y R karta raha hai
u990124: VROOM to shayad band ho gayee thii ?
u990124: rite ?
u990124: cressoft bhi band ho gayee theee un kiii ph*ddi ho gayee thii is liyay
u990124: rite ?
schahzad: do u have that kick abt entrepreneurship?
u990124: kia matlab ?
schahzad: mera matlab hai
schahzad: zindagi mein tuo kio company….
schahzad: nananana
schahzad: u wanna be a technocrat
schahzad: oh haan
schahzad: rather than a bizman!
schahzad: haina
u990124: ha ha ha
u990124: bhai apna businish karay ga … jarooor karay ga 😀
schahzad: then I’ll cut taht story short
schahzad: ur not a serious biz partner
schahzad: khair
schahzad: hua kuch yuun
schahzad: that there was a seth crescent ka –> Humayun Mazhar
u990124: ahan
schahzad: then a President of Cressoft –> Waqar Ahmad
schahzad: a sharp bizman
schahzad: and a country mngr of cressoft –> Nasir Lone
schahzad: so
u990124: hmm
schahzad: they got a $36m project of MCI
schahzad: ever heard that name
schahzad: no
schahzad: never mind
schahzad: khair
schahzad: when they started doin the proj
schahzad: they got togehter a very big and dutiful team
schahzad: less than a year down the road
u990124: hmm
schahzad: Vik asked Seth to give the mngrs shares into that big project
schahzad: Seth got stuuborn on his pronciples
schahzad: Vik got away
schahzad: and made VROOOM
schahzad: with all the teams of cressoft
u990124: achaa
u990124: ok
schahzad: MCI took the proj away
schahzad: and cressoft was history
schahzad: on this sid
schahzad: VROOOM got a $30m funding for 1 telecom product
schahzad: they developed it for 4 yrs
u990124: MCI took the project away from cressoft, and did not give to VROOM as well right ?
u990124: achaa
schahzad: naaa
schahzad: VROOOM was not a project based company
schahzad: then
schahzad: instead of a telecom boom
schahzad: America faced a bust
u990124: ok
schahzad: only 1 client bought the telecom ERP VROOOM made
schahzad: and then VROOOM was history
schahzad: Nasir Lone is country mngr of TRG
u990124: achaa
schahzad: Humayun Mazhar is selling Leather jackets as usual
u990124: Vicky boy kidher gaya ?
u990124: ha ha ha
u990124: ok
schahzad: Viki is doin chota mota biz
schahzad: in other words
schahzad: where indians succeeded by capitalizing the american boom and bust
schahzad: Paki fought within themselves
schahzad: and Paki IT industry was history
u990124: moral of the story