Harry Potter hacked my mind

Last time I read the latest Harry Potter : The Half Blood Prince, I had a weird feeling. I can’t describe that feeling in words but it was beautiful almost childish. For 2/3 days I thought I am back in my childhood. I am always a Lord of the Rings fan but don’t dislike Harry Potter either. I have read all the books in the series. I liked Harry Potter because it sparked those childhood memories of homework, making friends, mischievious acts at school and all that. But last time I read the latest Harry Potter, I had a weird feeling.

So after 2/3 days of intense thought process I realized what is behind those feelings. It was a case of Harry Potter’s crush on his best buddy’s sister. That crush Harry kept quite not to annoy his buddy but at the end his buddy was happy that his sister did not fell in love with a goon.
I had a friend in my office who had a sister. Wait! I had no such feelings that can be termed as crush for his sister.
But she was attractive!
I used to avoid talking to her not to annoy my friend.
Half Blood Prince gave words to my subconcious thoughts and actions and

I loved the boyish feelings that I had of some days.

…and well then back to business…