Gaining momentum

Its a cruel world out. You need to take very quick and careful steps otherwise you’ll roll down the mountain on which you’re trekking.

I’ve decided to work on more than 1 startup at a time and see which one succeeds. Since the underlying technology is the same in my startups therefore I can afford to have them run at parallel. None of my startups are funded at the moment. Therefore, I’m also making sure that we get some paid projects based on the technical capabilities that we have developed.

We are currently working on following lines: wordpress, jQuery/AJAX, PHP, Sencha, Scala/Lift, NoSQL and a whole lot of APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Geolocation, you name it. So if you have any projects related to these technologies like custom website development and mobile HTML5 apps development, we’d be happy to help you achieve your desired goals.

Currenlty, we are a team of 2 highly dedicated developers working on the stuff mentioned above. We are also looking for equity holder partners with the skill set: a graphics designer/developer aka desolper and a marketing professional to work on an exciting startup based on tabletPC B2B app đŸ˜‰

I’d entertain applications at the email: sim4biz [at] gmail [dot] com


Startup brewing startup

Well, I like to be called an innovator. Entrepreneurship for me is a family thing. I wanted time to decide to take entrepreneurship as a career but fate plays its funny games some times.

This life, it seems, is too short for you to make a move from a well established career to a risky career of an entrepreneur. If you’re perturbed  by innovative ideas every now and then; I’d suggest you should try your luck in this line of business.

The name of the game is: key players at key positions. An innovative idea and a well-balanced team with brilliant past record is what angel investors and VCs seek. The current interest rate of 0.5% is proof enough that the pool of potential investors is huge. Seeking seed funding is not your goal.

You’re an innovator and you want to change the world with your inventions. Get a good idea and then pick a team or do it the other way around; its up to you. For the former adventure, there are plenty of places to seek a good team like Launch48 I recently attended.

I stumbled upon so many innovators and entrepreneurs at that event. I worked on somebody else’s idea and it was so much fun with you working on you own part and letting others work on their part.

I’m also looking for teammates for my startup slately; one techie/front-end guy and one business development guy are missing in the picture. I’m focusing all my energies on picking a super biz dev guy now as the startup I’m working on is majorly a sales business. I think, a person with primarily marketing but some sales experience with small/medium enterprise would be a good fit. Again, slately is a startup working on a tablet PC B2B application and we hope to go global in the coming years.

Things are moving fast and I’m talking to potential customers everyday. I hope to get to the point of signing a pre-order soon and from there life’d be a roller coaster ride!!!