I am a entrepreneur by profession and social scientist by choice. However, I keep my observations updated on various topics including Technology, Hi-Tech  ventures and various other personal level and grand community level social issues. Whatever it is, I try to be open and explicit in my opinions and prefer a preaching/moralistic approach in my stories.



  1. Hi dude, u never told me u had a site. Anyway, it looks nice. The only comment i will give here is that i like the color scheme. Btw, as far as i know, u were not inspired by Ferrari that much. Is that the carpet in your room?

    I am happy to post the first comment. Waise bhi, i guess if fate had to chose someone, it had chosen me anyway for posting the first comment :p

  2. AoA,

    Really nice to read your blog. Very good observations recorded here.

    You never told me about your blog, but I discovered it at last.

    Second in commenting on your profile.

    Asif Tasleem

  3. Hi Sim

    I came across your blog through somebody’s tweet while i was going through tweets of some of the people I met at start up weekend few weeks back.

    It seems you too have attended a similar event .. Launch48 … How was it..

    What made me write to you is slately… in which you are looking for a business dev professional.

    I would be willing to chat and explore some synergies.

    Please drop me a line on the email below to connect.


    Sanjay Choudhary

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