Faceless Crusades

A lot of times the nemesis of US of America after 9/11 has been termed as “Neo Crusades“.
The original crusades being the ones fought for the Holy Land. That was a Holy Land for all the three heavenly Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christanity and Islam. However, somehow the Christian rulers of the dark ages weren’t satisfied, were ignited, had other political aims or for other yet-to-be-discovered reasons for somebody’s dissertation, they wages bloody wars on a foreign land and justified it by mentioning the atrocities of the Muslim governor on the people of Holy Land. This claim is partly true.
Then came Saladin. The one factor that united the whole of humanity for the sake of peace and won not a piece of land but he won people’s hearts through and through.
It turned out that the Christian rulers brought more miseries on the Holy Land. Therefore the followers of all the religions welcomed the rule of the governor Saladin. He can quite safely be dignified to the level of best conquerer of the modern history of clashes between the three civilisations.
There can only be one simple reason.
Humanity loves justice, needs justice and craves for justice but one thing it never does is that humanity at large never brings justice to itself. We need a just ruler to rule us.

Well, that was history!

One subtle fact that the third world countries are facing is that of justice. Our rulers are pro-America but they want to bring all kinds of miseries to their own people to satisfy their personal/American objectives.
On the other hand, we see Americas, England and rest of Europe being ruled with justice. Consequently, we see brain-drain and immigrants to these lands despite these nations involvement in affairs exactly opposing immigrants countries.
The reasons Christians of Holy Land prefered Saladin over Christian rulers, we see brain-drain for exactly the same reasons.
This is a faceless facet of the modern crusades.

However, I have hoped and still hope that histroy will repeat itself and there shall be Saladin raised amongst us who will bring a global justice and win everybody’s hearts.

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