Apple’s new buying frenzy: 3DLabs

There is that latest rumour among many regarding Apple and its rumour mill related to its infatuation with user interface/graphics.
Apple is in talks of buying 3DLabs from Creative.

The Reasons given by the officials of 3DLabs are mentioned below while the Apple officials denied any statement as usual:

Reason #1: 3DLabs had a very bad time with creative not taking their workstation class graphics offering to the consumers due to its shyness of the waters of competing against the giants like nVidia and ATI (now AMD). The decision by Creative to make 3DLabs work only in portable handset graphics proved to be the last nail in the coffin. Last October 3DLabs showed its intent to the world of splitting from Creative, with Creative agreeing to this proposition, to be taken over by some serious graphics firm.

Reason #2: Apple is in dire need of increasing its presence in the game industry. Mac OSX is the last platform for even the big game developers to port their top titles to. While OCX pose as thee most polished platform when it comes to usability and media content creation and consumption. With 3DLabs come the expertise of the creators of OpenGL graphics library as well as hardware support of all present and future endeavours of Apple in video game ventures.

Reason #3: 3DLabs misses a serious player like Apple to support its vision and Apple is in the safest financial position to get its feet wet in the only arena of the user-friendly OS platform that it has not dared to step in.

Need I say more?


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