Technology Paradise

These are changing times…
So many new products are coming in the coming month. This is like a world cup of technology.
Let me guess:

  • Microsoft Vista (November)
  • Intenet Explorer 7 (launched)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2 (launched)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (end of 2006 or early 2007)
  • Nintendo Wii (launched)
  • Sony Playstation 3 (November)
  • DirectX 10 with Geometry shaders yumm! (November)
  • DirectX 10 GPU like Nvidia GeForce 8800 (November)
  • Unreal 3 (full featured multithreaded with Hardware Physics video game)
  • Intel Core 2 Quad (December or early 2007)
  • Blu-Ray Disc from Sony (BD-ROM)
  • HD-DVD Disc (HD-ROM)
  • Java SE 6.0 (late October deadline missed)
  • Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 (launched)

What are we left with. Everything from OS to CPU, games to GPU, game consoles to new Gaming API. New sexy office and new IE; new development SDK and IDEs; Β man I’m in heavens…
But ofcourse we all know these things are not gonna change anybodys life!


…the failure story of Paki IT industry…

schahzad: oye
schahzad: wehshe!
schahzad: gal karni aye!
u990124: AA
u990124: gimme gin kay 25 seconds
u990124: brb
u990124: haan jee ?
schahzad: do u know the story of
schahzad: Cressoft
schahzad: and
schahzad: VROOOM
schahzad: ?
u990124: nopes
u990124: koi latest news hai ?
schahzad: no
schahzad: but do u care to know?
u990124: sure go ahead πŸ™‚
schahzad: first tell me
schahzad: y do u care to know?
u990124: ainwain heee πŸ˜€
u990124: VROOM main to apna O S job karta raha hai shayad … Y R karta raha hai
u990124: VROOM to shayad band ho gayee thii ?
u990124: rite ?
u990124: cressoft bhi band ho gayee theee un kiii ph*ddi ho gayee thii is liyay
u990124: rite ?
schahzad: do u have that kick abt entrepreneurship?
u990124: kia matlab ?
schahzad: mera matlab hai
schahzad: zindagi mein tuo kio company….
schahzad: nananana
schahzad: u wanna be a technocrat
schahzad: oh haan
schahzad: rather than a bizman!
schahzad: haina
u990124: ha ha ha
u990124: bhai apna businish karay ga … jarooor karay ga πŸ˜€
schahzad: then I’ll cut taht story short
schahzad: ur not a serious biz partner
schahzad: khair
schahzad: hua kuch yuun
schahzad: that there was a seth crescent ka –> Humayun Mazhar
u990124: ahan
schahzad: then a President of Cressoft –> Waqar Ahmad
schahzad: a sharp bizman
schahzad: and a country mngr of cressoft –> Nasir Lone
schahzad: so
u990124: hmm
schahzad: they got a $36m project of MCI
schahzad: ever heard that name
schahzad: no
schahzad: never mind
schahzad: khair
schahzad: when they started doin the proj
schahzad: they got togehter a very big and dutiful team
schahzad: less than a year down the road
u990124: hmm
schahzad: Vik asked Seth to give the mngrs shares into that big project
schahzad: Seth got stuuborn on his pronciples
schahzad: Vik got away
schahzad: and made VROOOM
schahzad: with all the teams of cressoft
u990124: achaa
u990124: ok
schahzad: MCI took the proj away
schahzad: and cressoft was history
schahzad: on this sid
schahzad: VROOOM got a $30m funding for 1 telecom product
schahzad: they developed it for 4 yrs
u990124: MCI took the project away from cressoft, and did not give to VROOM as well right ?
u990124: achaa
schahzad: naaa
schahzad: VROOOM was not a project based company
schahzad: then
schahzad: instead of a telecom boom
schahzad: America faced a bust
u990124: ok
schahzad: only 1 client bought the telecom ERP VROOOM made
schahzad: and then VROOOM was history
schahzad: Nasir Lone is country mngr of TRG
u990124: achaa
schahzad: Humayun Mazhar is selling Leather jackets as usual
u990124: Vicky boy kidher gaya ?
u990124: ha ha ha
u990124: ok
schahzad: Viki is doin chota mota biz
schahzad: in other words
schahzad: where indians succeeded by capitalizing the american boom and bust
schahzad: Paki fought within themselves
schahzad: and Paki IT industry was history
u990124: moral of the story

Harry Potter hacked my mind

Last time I read the latest Harry Potter : The Half Blood Prince, I had a weird feeling. I can’t describe that feeling in words but it was beautiful almost childish. For 2/3 days I thought I am back in my childhood. I am always a Lord of the Rings fan but don’t dislike Harry Potter either. I have read all the books in the series. I liked Harry Potter because it sparked those childhood memories of homework, making friends, mischievious acts at school and all that. But last time I read the latest Harry Potter, I had a weird feeling.

So after 2/3 days of intense thought process I realized what is behind those feelings. It was a case of Harry Potter’s crush on his best buddy’s sister. That crush Harry kept quite not to annoy his buddy but at the end his buddy was happy that his sister did not fell in love with a goon.
I had a friend in my office who had a sister. Wait! I had no such feelings that can be termed as crush for his sister.
But she was attractive!
I used to avoid talking to her not to annoy my friend.
Half Blood Prince gave words to my subconcious thoughts and actions and

I loved the boyish feelings that I had of some days.

…and well then back to business…

Intellectual Property vs Intellectual Knowledge

The ancient pre-historic debate of Open sauce versus proprietary software is not that of free software vs expensive one or you get to see the code of every bit of Application that you use but infact a problem of different nature.
First things first. Software is a weird piece of something. Once written, it can be replicated anywhere without any burden on the pockets of the author of that software. Unlike hardware, unlike elictrical/electronic or mechanical equipment and unlike produced art it needs to be only written once. Thats it! all job done. No Bill of Material (BOM), no expenses on machinery (or minimal in terms of development machine/server) and no supply chain management.

Secondly, there is a lot of RnD involved. Not just in java application stack but with every SDK one needs to learn a lot to even start writing code and make proper use of the API; learn the architecture to follow, implement the framework features properly etc. I would even count reading code to write a CR (Change Request) as part of RnD. In fact the whole job becomes RnD and then some artistic touches to implement the problem. Thats the only reason why there is so much task significance in this job for programmers. Every thing a coder writes is new and never written before by himself.

Now comes the debate of who owns the code. I won’t delve deep into this debate but I will simply shed light on some of the points. Say, a firm pays you to write a code of very complex but breakthrough algorithm in Biometrics protein synthesis analysis. Then it patents this algorithm. Question is who owns this algorithm; the firm that payed you to design and write algo or YOU? IMO the author owns this code in reality but legally the ownership lies with the firm . I believe the author can take away his code back home for future reference but should not publish it to breach the legal boundries. Ofcourse he can make a variation of that algo and patent it by his own name or open sauce it for others to see.

This leads to something. Patenting means that you put the brilliant stuff into a cold coffins and seal it with legal tongues. It may pick up some sales in the industry or it may remain in the cold corners of your corporate. In other words the corporate marks it as their Intellectual Property. As discussed earlier, the replication of software doesn’t hurt anybody in its pants but it surely stops the progress of the intellectual discovery that some bloke might do 5 years later. In other words it should be marked as Intellectual Knowledge and must be rotated around the developers community for further progress in it. Quoting Isaac Newton’s words, this would be sitting on the shoulders of giants.

I am not advocating Open sauce all the way but there should be a common ground. in that neither the Intellectual Property patent is breached nor the Intellectual Knowledge progress stops. At present this seems impossible. However, I beleive the way giants like IBM, CA etc. open sauce their past patents and further work gets started on those in the community, corporates will soon realize the need of Intellectual growth for active money punching patents too.